About our school

Alytus Music School was founded in 1957. There are 50 teachers and 559 students attending different programs - piano, string, brass, singing etc. There are learners with special needs integrated since 1997, and adult learners attending different courses here since 2008. Several adult learners are foreigners who can speak only English and there are several mixed families whose children study music at Music School.

Music School teachers are experienced in inclusion, applying music therapy methods. Teachers created innovative methods, for example, in the frame of ERASMUS+KA2 they created interdisciplinary method where music is combined with language and IT. This method has been applied successfully in working with the disabled.

The collaboration with foreign institutions opens new possibilities. The Music School has recently implemented international projects in the fields of intercultural dialogue, musical therapy, integration of people with disabilities, dissemination of ethnical art. Psychological and pedagogical experience of music teachers has been summarised in different handbooks or methodical brochures.