The third meeting of the project partners in Alytus


During the third meeting on 7 November, 2018, the project participants visited the "Sacral Sound" studio. The lecturer Rasa Urbonienė explained how everything works, how music therapy is helpful, that it calms down mind and a body. It helps to see the world in a different way. The therapy started with some breathing exercises to clean the inside of the body. Then everyone sat down on the floor, got comfortable. The lecturer used gongs, sounding bowls, a hang, and other instruments to play a relaxing, calm music. Listening to the music with eyes closed, opens another way of seeing - people often starts seeing colors and shapes that are not familiar to them, they might imagine something beutiful, other might imagine something frightening - it depends on the mood that day, the recent life, and dreams.

The second part of the meeting started at the Alytus city garden. In the park of outside musical instruments the music teacher Daiva Grabauskienė carried out a couple of activities, called musical improvisations "Seasons of the Year". Every participant had tried to play each instrument. Then they had to choose an instrument, which looked the most suitable for them. The teacher explained that every person can reveal their characters and emotions through music and rhythms that they choose. Each participant have played the chosen instrument, and others have tried to describe what kind of personality that person has. Saara Pekkarinen form Svefi Folk High School has demonstrated her abilities and news of psychology, as everyone accepted that her insights about each person was absolutely true. After individual musical improvisations, the group had also created an ensemble of musical improvisations.

Later on, the project participants visited Alytus Handicraft School. They saw different classes there: ceramics, jewelry, wicker weave, interior design, photography classes. Project participants were introduced to examples of Lithuanian cultural heritage, they admired the works of teachers and students of Alytus Handicraft School. Participants were told about the School's practices in working with people with special needs.

The day has ended with magical sounds of Lithuanian group folk songs Sutartinės. The group of singers get together every Wednesday, and they kindly invited the project participants to join them and learn to sing Sutartinės. This evening some of the songs were combined with dances. In 2010 Lithuanian Sutartinės were officially included to the UNESCO Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.